Evidence of continuous, responsible and successful business

We are pleased to announce that TEM Mandeks once again has received Bisnode’s AAA certificate, which belongs to only 2,4% of the companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and it indicates that the financial risk of establishing business relations with TEM Mandeks is extraordinarily low.
The basis of the Bisnode certificate is Bisnode’s rating system, which has been used for rating companies in view of their reliability since 1908. Issued with AAA, AA, and A ratings, Bisnode certificates indicate the stability of companies, and that companies in possession of such ratings have steady financial standing. The certificate provides means for the eligible companies to show to others that their companies are recognized, reliable and creditworthy undertakings. The Bisnode certificate is used in several countries across Europe, while in the Nordic countries it is considered to be a standard of trading.
AAA certificate is additional evidence of continuous, responsible and successful business of TEM Mandeks company, which also provides us with a good reputation in the market and allows future business partners an easier choice between market competition, guaranteeing the quality of operations and minimize business risk.
The Bisnode rating is based on data originating from multiple official sources, entries of the Courts of Registry, as well as the data of the National Tax and Customs Administration and other authorities. In addition to the data from the official sources, the financial information regarding the firm, such as balance data, profit and loss accounts, and trends are incorporated, as well. For the rating, the demographic data of the company or organization are taken into consideration, i.e. the company’s age, activities, size and owners, alongside their interrelations. It is incorporated from the Bisnode Payment Experience Program into the rating whether the given enterprise settles its invoices at their due dates or with delays, i.e. what their payment discipline is. Furthermore, numerous other pieces of information gathered contribute to the system of Bisnode’s rating, such as legal enforcement details and press reports.
This certification, as well as over 20 years of professional experience, satisfied customers and business partners from all over the world, are proof that the TEM Mandeks is company on which everyone can fully rely on the realization of projects in the framework of our activities.

For any further information, please contact us via e-mail:; +387 39 704 414