Fine, Tower, Metalis

We are pleased to announce our new Distribution box MARO 2016 catalogue.
The catalogue also features new products from group of distribution boxes with low voltage power and its accessories, distribution boxes with decorative doors and on-wall distribution boxes. Due to the significant expansion of the products, we have also modified product names, so as product groups:

Product group Tower stands for on-wall distribution boxes. So far, we offer two row edition in two color of doors – polar white (MO24PW) and transparent (MO24PD). In the near future we will also develop other editions, including: one row with 4, 8, 12 and 18 module space, and three row with 36 modules.
Product group Metalisstands for in-wall distribution boxes with metal doors.
Product group Fine stands for in-wall distribution boxes with plastic doors.

Click here to download MARO 2016 catalogue. To order your copy of the printed catalogue or any further information , please contact us via e-mail:mandeks@mandeks.ba; +387 39 704 414