New! Modular system of Metalis low voltage distribution boxes

Line of Metalis distribution boxes is extended! A new feature in the program is a modular system of distribution boxes and accessories for low voltage. Two different lines of low voltage distribution boxes are available from now:

Line with standard metal doors: one-row RE20, two-row RE21, three-row RE22, four-row RE23 and five-row distribution box RE24
Line with perforated metal doors: two-row RE21PV, three-row RE22PV, four-row RE23PV and five-row RE24PV.
All these products are available in V0 version, which is suitable to glow wire test of 850 °C. These products are indentified by codes with the suffix 'V0'.

By combining of modular elements, everyone has possibility to make the product by it's own choice. Some of the elements are: patch panel 12M - RB18, mounting plates: double RE12, triple RE13, and quadruple RE14, as well as modem carrier RE11, din rails for circuit breakers – single din rail RE10, double din rail RE15, triple din rail RE16 and quadruple din rail RE17, terminal strip RB12 ... Some examples of possibilities are presented on following picture .

Some of the advantages of the modular system are in a very wide range of possibilities which he offers. By simply combining of different elements everyone can have it's own 'custom-made' product. Besides, for traders this line means less load on their stock, because the various types of modular units can be combined in various sizes of low voltage distribution boxes.

Catalogue documentation is available at the following Link For further information, please contact us via e-mail:, or at +387 (0)39 704 414.