Possibility of a Modul and Ekonomik program installing in plastic trunking system

Plastic trunking system in dimension 110x70x2000 mm is new in our product range. Trunking system comes in white color RAL 9003 and it is in accordance with EN 50085-1, EN 50085-2-1. Double-walled trunking system offer exceptional strength and stability, and ensure ease of handling during installation. With the help of specially adapters for 2 and 4 functional modul units (RU12 and RU14) you have possibility to install elements from the Modul program. At the same time, in the same plastic trunking system, you can install elements from the Ekonomik program, using an adapter RU81.

In addition to these features, an additional advantage is the ease of installation, because, as mentioned adapter is attached 'on click'. Also, whole range of the additional equipment for installation of plastic trunking systems on different, demanding surfaces is available. Catalogue documentation of mentioned equipment is available at the following Link

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