The implementation of an environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001: 2015 commits TEM Mandeks continuous monitoring and improvement of the environmental impact during the process of production of switches and sockets so as other electrical material, distribution boxes and other plastic products.

With regard to our activity, our environmental protection system and environmental protection policy includes:

  • Determination of significant aspects and impacts on the environment,
  • Determination of potential internal and external risks,
  • Regular analysis of environmental aspects,
  • Taking appropriate measures to prevent environmental pollution,
  • Permanent and continuous improvement of the environmental management system,
  • Constant alignment with valid Norms, laws, and regulatory regulations.
To achieve these goals, we are making effort for:

  • Managment and care of small quantities of waste we create,
  • Maintenance of equipment for the purpose of protecting the working environment,
  • Product development and selection of less environmentally friendly raw materials,
  • Awareness development and education of employees in the implementation of the environmental protection system.
Environmental protection policy for our company is a backbone and a guide to establishing the goals of effective environmental management, and we familiarize our customers and suppliers, the local community and our employees with it.